RAINS runs an ongoing expanded CSR plan which includes all business partners across continents working with RAINS. At RAINS, we focus on doing business both ethically and environmentally correct. It is important for us to contribute in any way possible, with the fight against the numerous social problems we meet. We have listed our four CSR initiatives below, which we constantly work to develop and achieve:

1 Human rights and labour standards
2 Anti-corruption
 3 Environment
4 Charity


    We believe that human rights are universal and belong to everyone equally – regardless of gender, age, race and/or religious or political belief. When people are treated well, it affects the general production and the quality of the products hereafter.


    At RAINS, we denounce all forms of corruption, extortion, bribery, and embezzlement and we will do what we can to make corruption cease to exist. We recognize that corruption in some countries are considered normal and have been found to be necessary to run a business. However, we make sure that our suppliers and subcontractors strive towards a better business where corruption is eliminated.


    A poor environment creates poor living and working conditions. Every 12 months a report concerning the status and the planning for at cleaner production is submitted to RAINS. This way we continuously improve our production and secure that the negative consequences to the environment are minimized. We make sure our production chooses environmental friendly goods, raw material, methods and/or technology applicable with respect to the ordered quality in all its operations.


    We believe that one should help where it is possible and that this applies to individual persons as well as companies. RAINS are donating all the faulty goods that are not suitable for commercial sale, to charity purposes such as refugee camps, charity or relief aid organizations. Corporate Social Responsibility is an important part of our value chain and we will always strive to achieve better results than legislated.