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Merci was created in March 2009, in the heart of the historic Haut-Marais district. The founders, Bernard and Marie-France Cohen, realised that Paris lacked a place which brought together the best in fashion, design, household goods, and friendly eating options.


Merci's aim is to bring together, under one roof, products and customers who traditionally have not had the chance to meet : vintage furniture or contemporary creations; emerging new fashion brands or already-recognised collections; impulse buys, affordable for all or much rarer pieces, sometimes in limited editions.
Fashionistas come from all over the world, local residents, young or not-so-young, students with their appetites already whetted. Small budgets, or large projects: there's something for everyone at MERCI.

Merci calls this approach "The One and The Other" : because we don't want to have to choose between traditional or modern, local or international, simple or costly, mass-produced or individually made, but to bring them all together, and present the best of each world.

Merci is a shop which works like a magazine. Over 15 exhibitions/events around a selection, and an original theatrical design in harmony with the year, have transformed the place into a "store-destination". The exhibitions' themes put over the merci point of view on a trend, a change in society, the work of a designer or an irresistible take on a project.

The historic building, which was a wallpaper factory for 150 years, extends over more than 1500 sq. m, with a paved courtyard and a spectacular glass roof : three floors of light, inspiring space. The architect Valérie Mazérat has brought new life to this sleeping place : simple, generous, curious, exciting.

Welcome to Merci !

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111 boulevard Beaumarchais 75003 Paris
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