Posted on March 25, 2014 by Rains Australia

Located in downtown Lyon, France, SUMMER opened it's doors in September 2012, in the luxury antique dealers district. The shop owner, Stephane Sultana has been in the street - and skatewear industry since 1994, working with brands such as (Etnies, Vans, The hundreds, Generic Surplus…). The time was right for him to jump into a new adventure with Summer, Lyon -Offering a mix of the finest street wear brands & emerging menswear labels.

Summer provides an accurate selection of mens garments, accessories, books, fragrances and furniture.

You'll find brands such as Visvim, A.P.C., Ami, BWGH, Etudes, Our Legacy, Pendleton, Stussy, Adidas, New Balance, and RAINS of course.