Posted on March 04, 2014 by Rains Australia

The Mads Nørgaard shop opened in October 1986 - after the opening Mads Nørgaard soon realised that what he was looking for in fashion, couldn’t always be found in other collections.

He decided to start creating his own designs and due to the increased demand of his designs, he started to sell his collections to other retailers.

Now almost 30 years later the Mads Nørgaard store brand is stronger than ever and we are proud to say that RAINS and Mads Nørgaard has established a significant partnership with two special made collaborations being shared between us.

It appeared to us that the Mads Nørgaard team possessed the same energy and enthusiasm for design and product development as we did as young starters even though the Mads Nørgaard brand has existed since 1986.

On Thursday March 6, the doors to the legendary NØRGAARD house will open for a celebration of the Autumn 2014 collection, “THE STRIPES ARE OUT TONIGHT” is the theme.

Together with house guests Emma Acs, RAINS, Asger Juel Larsen and Andy Tankmar, we will fill each room with music and great people. 

Swing by from 8PM to 10PM at Nørgaard, Amagertorv 13 Copenhagen K.